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Our firm has been developing a system that relies on green technologies and the circular economy for a long time. Since our customers love land and sea animals, one of the brand's main mascots is a sheep. To help protect them, we designed an RFID system that was recognized and awarded by FIPRO. The system serves for better monitoring of stocks that would enable optimal production, smaller stocks of items for which the market does not show interest, lower fuel consumption of distributors, because the number of visits to control goods in stock would be significantly smaller and unnecessary.


Below you can see  examples of green technology,  labels designed as part of our circular business system. In this way, the environment is protected and the amount of waste is reduced at the same time.

Brand history

The COLLECTIV brand was founded in 1995 on the values ​​of togetherness, love and tolerance. These values ​​are what our founder knew the world always needed.
Inspiration came from George Orwell’s Animal Farm and the Croatian writer of fables Ivana Brlić Mažuranić. Both of these writers commented on the society they were living in through the medium of animal personification and this was something that our founder wanted to try. Through this, he discovered a passion for drawing animals with human features and characteristics. Over time, our founder’s animal illustrations had life breathed into them, when they became the subject of clever product design and made into the beautiful pieces of jewelry that began Collectiv.

Animals are sociable, tolerant, diverse and much more accepting of difference than many humans are. This is what Collectiv is all about and this is why you’ll still find many animal pendants in our collection today.

We are based under the glorious sun of the Mediterranean and because of that, our philosophy revolves around living life with passion, social tolerance and warm energy. Our jewelry is unisex and strives to be inclusive of everyone, whatever your gender, background or style. Collectiv is a team of wonderful diverse minds, who have come together to preach universal love and tolerance through our unique jewelry.


Our jewelry

Made with the utmost love and care, Collectiv jewelry is beautifully unique in design. The quality of the materials we use guarantees longevity and gives you the pleasure of wearing these stunning pieces for year after year.

Designed and handcrafted in the EU, you will find collections of pearls, 925 silver, glass and 316L stainless steel in several wonderful finishes. From the basic matt brushed to a shiny silver effect as well as black, gold and rose gold variants.

Our jewelry has passed all health tests and do not contain harmful levels of elements such as plumbum, cadmium or nickel. The metal components of Collectiv products are all made of hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel.

All of our pieces pass quality control checks before sale and shipping. They are handmade according to our own designs within our studio in the city of Rijeka, Croatia.

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