Discover the charm of the Adriatic with COLLECTIV Jewelry

Welcome to the world of COLLECTIV, where passion for the sea, summer and nautical is transformed into exceptional pieces of jewelry. We are proud to present a brand with more than 20 years of tradition, whose designers are dedicated to creating jewelry that reflects the beauty and spirit of the Adriatic Sea. Our collections, inspired by the sun, the sea and the Mediterranean way of life, are the perfect souvenir for anyone who wants to keep the memory of an unforgettable summer spent on the Adriatic.

Each piece of our range is carefully designed and mostly produced in Croatia, using a variety of high quality materials such as twine, leather, ceramic, glass, pearls, coral, 925 silver and surgical steel. Our jewelry comes in a variety of finishes, from a matte brushed look to the shiny and popular gold and rose gold varieties, offering something for everyone.

Dive into our marine and nautical collections and find your perfect piece of jewelry that will always remind you of the magic and beauty of the Adriatic. COLLECTIV is not just jewelry, it's a story you carry with you.

Our jewelry

At COLLECTIV, we are dedicated to creating jewelry that is not only aesthetically appealing, but also safe and healthy for everyday wear.

Each piece of our assortment is designed in our studio and the finishing of most collections is done in Croatia using only high quality materials such as pearls, corals, silver 925 and surgical steel, string, leather, ceramics, glass.

We are particularly proud of the fact that all metal components of our products are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel 316L, which is known for its durability and compatibility with sensitive skin.

Our jewelry has passed all the necessary health tests and has been confirmed to be free of harmful levels of elements such as lead, nickel and cadmium, making it an ideal choice even for people prone to allergies. Also, all pearl, coral and semi-precious stone elements are organic and tested for authenticity and safety.

For additional security and transparency, you can view all the results of our tests in detail by scanning the attached QR code. With COLLECTIV jewelry, you can be sure that you are wearing products that are not only beautiful, but also healthy for your skin and safe for everyday wear.

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