Expansion of productive capacity Kandelica
Project Name:
Expansion of productive capacity Kandelica.

Short summary of the project: 
The project contributes to solving the problem of lack of competition in Croatian small and medium businesses, and lack of investment capability in productive capacities which would significantly increase business and hiring. The project presents an investment that will make the medium and small businesses of Croatia  more competitive on European and international market.

Goals and exected results of the project:
Specific goals are to develop business through investing into equipment and products, release of product to the market and growth of income with the expanse of the production capacity. The aforementioned will be realised and  with it's realization hiring of professional staff.

Total prject value: 356.534,20 HRK
EU Project co-financing: 300.000,00 HRK
Project impementation period (from-to): 25.07.2017.- 25.07.2018.
Contact for more information: Nikica Nežić
tel: +385 51 450 147
more information:
Voucher for new packaging of products brand: Collectiv from Kandelica
Project name:
Voucher for new packaging of products brand: Collectiv from Kandelica
Project code: KK.
Name of the specefic goal:
improved inovation of small and medium buisnesses

Project description:
Conceptually and exectutively innovative solution of packaging which will disappear as a result of cooperation of medium and small businesses and professional support, technical knowledge of the institute of informatics which will solve the problem of outdated and inefficient presentation model of the finished product. The standard solution which is already applied does not meet customer demands,is envieromentally unacceptable,unatractive and outdated. The new design in new presentation tools (packaging) for the targeted group, end customers in the b2b and b2c model, will have a newer and more innovative product at their disposal.

Goal of the project:
The project will assess and test with the help of professional technical staff conceptual solutions of the prototype multipurpose packaging, which is concurrently: interesting,charming and  creative. Practical and simple for handling and blended together with the Collectiv brand. the main pupose is to develop a solution which is inovative and does not contain an ecological aspect of production.the design of the package greatly affects sale  therefore the investor want a design of premium look which will create an emotional attachment to the line of jewlery and get the competitive edge on a cutthroat and innovative marketplace.
Results of the project:
The project will significantly improve the business because the final more innovative product that emerges will be a significant improvement over the existing product where the outdated,  non-marketable product will undoubtedly improve which is a novelty for both Kandelica and the market.

Call name:
Inovacijski vaučeri za MSP-ove
Call code: KK. - version 5

Project impementation period(from-to): 25.11.2020.- 22.01.2021.

Total project value: 105.000,00 HRK

EU Co-funding value: 73.500,00 HRK

Contact: Nikica Nežić


 tel: +385 51 450147

more info:
Voucher for the design of modular exhibition - sales stands

Project name: 

Voucher for the design of modular exhibition - sales stands phase 1

Project description:

Due to the growing demands on the market, Kandelica crafted with this project conceptual solutions of innovative modular display and sales stands and with previously improved packaging additionally created a blend between products and display, sales stands and created a connection with the brand while preserving the originality and uniqueness of the design line.

Goal of the Project:

The main goal was to develop conceptual solutions for prototypes of modular display- sales stands that are innovative and modular with special emphasis on the environmental aspect of the product. Since the design of the stands greatly influences the sale of products, Kandelica has achieved a premium-looking design with this project, which has strengthened the connection of the display with the jewelry line and will thus gain a competitive advantage in the competitive market.

Result of the project:

The application of innovative solutions was introduced into the standard procedures of the Kandelica trade, which has so far been focused on monitoring market trends and has very successfully integrated them into the business processes of current operations. This project is a continuation and at the same time the next step in the development of business and advancement of products.




Call name: Inovacijski vaučeri za MSP-ove

Call code : KK. - inačica 5

Name of the specific goal: Improved innovation of small and medium-sized enterprises

Total project value: 107.000,00 HRK

EU co-funding value: 74.900,00 HRK

Project implementation period: 22.02.2021.  - 27.04. 2021.

Contact: vl. Nikica Nežić, e-mail:

The project was co-financed by the European Union from: European Regional Development Fund

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