The Ovca

‘Ovca’ is the Croatian word for sheep and as well as being adorable, our ovca is colorful, smart and curious. She began life as a design for t-shirts but the unique character of the ovca lends itself wonderfully to our beautiful, delicate jewelry. 
While our sheep may share the same shape and features as the rest of her species, she is not a follower but a leader. She defies all previously held assumptions about her character. Her motto is ‘to spread kindness and nobility in the hardest of times’. Throughout history, sheep have been a symbol of loyalty, wealth and purity but our ovca is more than this. She represents creativity, curiosity and ambition. She knows who she is and what she wants.
Collectiv’s ovca is strong, smart, funny and she is always questioning social norms. She looks ahead into the distance. Her glasses are never far away as they help her gain new perspective. Above all, she is bursting with color.
Her bright colors help her to stand out amongst the black ‘naughty’ sheep and the white ‘impersonal’ sheep. Our ovca is a motif for all the values which we should strive to encompass; creativity, desire for growth and change, resistance to the norms and viewing life as a challenge.
Bracelet size:  adjustable
Pendant size: 1.5 x 1.5 cm
Material: stainless steel 316L, acrylic

Product code:
The OvcaThe Ovca
The OvcaThe Ovca
The OvcaThe Ovca
The OvcaThe Ovca
The OvcaThe Ovca
The OvcaThe Ovca



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